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The functions of the ordinary Member of Parliament

An ordinary Member of Parliament refers to a constitutionally elected representative of a constituency who not responsible for any ministry. He or she is either elected on the tickets of a political party or as an independent candidate.

Law making
The ordinary Member of Parliament partakes in deliberations on a law in parliament before it is passed into law. Where the Committee System is used, an ordinary Member of Parliament belongs to two or more committees where he or she also partakes in the work that is referred to it by parliament. He or she therefore is involved in law-making for the country.

Pose questions
Another function of the Member of Parliament is to pose questions to Ministers. During Question Time in parliament, any Member of Parliament is given the opportunity to put a question to a minister on account of goings on in his ministry.

Represents a constituency
The Member of Parliament is a representative of his or her constituency.  His or her duty therefore is to bring to the fore the problems that confront his or her constituency. The Member of Parliament takes issues from his constituency to Parliament for discussion and also brings to the people from Parliament, what the views of Parliament are.

Appointed as Speaker of Parliament
The Member of Parliament can also be appointed to serve as a Speaker of Parliament. This does not mean that only Members of Parliament can be appointed as speakers. It must be stated that when a Member of Parliament becomes a Speaker of Parliament, he cannot remain a Member of Parliament, a by-election will organized to replace him or her.

Serve as an Ombudsman
The Member of Parliament can also be appointed as an Ombudsman. He or she redresses the complaints of unfair treatment by government officials brought before him by the citizens of the land.

Membership of committee of inquiry
The Member of Parliament can be appointed to serve on a committee of inquiry. Committees of inquiry are appointed to look into a particular matter and to come out with the truth or otherwise.

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