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The functions of the Civil Service

Definition of Civil Service
The Civil service is the entity that is charged with the responsibility of carrying out government policies, providing services to the public and keeping the machinery of government running.

Implementation of policies
One of the functions of the Civil Service is to implement the policies of the government of the day. While the core duty is to implement, they also measure and evaluate the processes with the view to improve or alter the policies to suit the times.

Income generation
The Civil Service also helps the government to generate revenue. The sale of passport forms and the issuance of passports by the Immigration Service, for example, generate income for the government. The Vehicle and Licensing Authority also generates income for government.

Link between government and the public
The Civil Service is the arm of the executive that has interaction with the public in the carrying out of their core mandate. In the course of their duty, they help to explain the policies of the government to the people. On the other hand they carry feedback from the people to he government concerning any policies that are being implemented.

Advises the government
The Civil Service offers advice to the ruling government in the carrying out of their duties. The Civil Service is able to advice government how a new policy will inure to the benefit of the people or otherwise. With this information, the government is able to take a final decision.

A source of employment
The Civil Service serves as a source of employment to thousands of people in many countries of the world. The Civil Service in Ghana, for example, is currently employing about six hundred thousand qualified Ghanaians.

Allows for continuity
The Civil Servant is expected to be non-partisan and therefore it functions to serve every government that comes into power. This ensures that there is continuity in the administration of the country.

1. Highlight six functions of the Civil Service of your country. [12 marks]

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