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The features of the Conciliar type of Local Government

The Concilliar type of local government is the type of local government that is practiced by the British. The system boasts of three levels, the top where big cities are, the middle level where the districts are and the bottom level where the villages are.

Three –tier
The system has three levels. At the very top is the County Councils, operated by the big cities like Birmingham, Leads and Glasgow. Just below is the District Councils operated in the smaller cities then at the very bottom where there are parish meetings operated by the villages or rural areas.

Use of the ballot box
Under the system, councilors are elected directly by the people into the Council. Sometimes, the election is partisan and sometimes too it is non-partisan. This system makes the Concilliar type of local government is representative.

Committee system
The system allows for the use of committee system. Two types of committees operate; the Statutory Committee and the Permissive Committee. The statutory committee is required by law but the permissive committee is at the discretion of the Council. The committees are expected to discuss all important matters before they come before the full council.

The Local Councils are allowed to co-opt a person into the Council. These co-opted members, who are not members of the Council, are allowed to serve on the Council Committee.

Use of Aldermen
There are members of the council who either lost the elections to elect people to the Council or did not take part in the elections at all. These are elected into the council as Aldermen. The Aldermen do not however exceed a third of the total number membership.

The Concilliar type of local government is non-hierarchical. This means that each of the levels is independent of the other. The lower level of the system does not have to go through another level before it can communicate with the central government. Every council, at whatever level, has direct links to the central government.

1. a. Describe the Concilliar type of local government.
    b. Highlight five features of the Concilliar type of local government.

2. Highlight six features of the Concilliar type of local government.

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