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How Indirect Rule worked in the Gold Coast

Creation of a Native Authority
The British created a Native Authority with the mandate to make laws, maintain law and order and provide some basic amenities for the people. The Native Authority was made up of a group of traditional states organized into paramountcies and assisted by some sun-chiefs.

Provision for a Native Treasury
The colonialists made provision for a Native Treasury where taxes, fines and other levies collected were deposited. Part of the monies so generated was sent to the colonial powers and the rest was kept for use by the Native Authority.

Native Courts
Native courts were created to help in the administration of justice at the local level. Every Native Authority had a native Court, where cases were adjudicated. Anybody who was dissatisfied by the ruling of the Native Court could appeal alone the chain till it reaches the court of the Native Administration. This court was headed by the Paramount Chief.

District commissioners
Just above the Native Authorities were the District commissioners who headed the various paramount areas that constituted the Districts. They were the British officials who directly supervised the work of the Native Authorities at the bottom of the structure.

Provincial Commissioners
Some Districts constituted a province which was headed by a Provincial Commissioner. The Provincial Commissioners were the direct supervisors of the District Commissioners. The Regional Commissioners were answerable to him for the work they are expected to do.

Regional Commissioner
Each colony was divided into regions with each region being headed by a Regional Commissioner. The Regional Commissioner supervised the work of the Provinces under it jurisdiction.

At the very top of the administration of the colony was the Governor. His duty was to ensure the smooth administration of the entire colonies.

1. Describe six features of the way the British authorities operated Indirect Rule in the Gold Coast.

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