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The functions of the City Manager

The City Manager type of local government is that type of Local Government system where elections to office are not based on the political leaning of the contestants. In other words, it is a system where party politicking is avoided at the local level. The system originates from the United States of America.

The City Council of the City Manager type of local government consists of between four to nine members who are elected by the people. Of this number, one is appointed out of the lot as the City Manager. The City Manager then appoints the heads of all the departments in the City Council. Some of the departments included the Departments of Public Relations, Fire, Waste Management, and Engineering.

Recruitment of heads of department
One of the functions of the City Manager is to recruit and appoint the various Heads of Department of the city. He appointed the Chief Fire Officer, the head of the department of Waste Management, and Engineering.

Another function of the City Manager is to supervise the works of the various Heads of Department. The failure or success of the City Manager depends largely on the efficiency of the various Heads of department. If the City Manager does not inspect their work, there is a high possibility that the work would not be done well, leading to the failure of the City Manager.

Implements decisions
Another function of the City Manager is to implement decisions of the City Council. The City Council meets and comes out with policies and programmes for implementation. The City Manager sits in the meetings but does not have a vote. He could only offer pieces of advice or recommends a course of action. However, after everything is agreed upon, it is the City Manager who is mandated to implement the decisions taken.  

Preparation of budget
Every administration operates on a budget, so also does the City Council and the office of the City Manager. It is the duty of the City Manager to draw up the revenue and expenditure of the city. The city budget, so called, is then presented to the City Council for approval.

As a Consultant
The City Manager is not a member of the City Council; however, he could make recommendations to the Council, based on his experiences. He could also give his candid advice on a particular issue under discussion at a Council meeting.

Link between the City Council and Heads of Department
The City Manager sits in meeting with the City Council, he makes his input. It is assumed that any concerns that may have been raised at departmental level within his administration could be expressed as an input at that meeting. So also he carried information from the City Council to heads of department serving under him

1. a. Describe the City Manager type of Local Government System.
    b. Highlight five advantages of the City Manager local government system.

2. a. Describe the City Manager type of Local Government System
     b. Highlight five disadvantages of the City Manager type of local government.

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