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The benefits Ghana derives from her membership of the African Union

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Financial assistance
One of the benefits Ghana enjoys from her membership of the African Union is financial help. There are financial institutions within the African Union, such as the African Monetary Fund, African Investment Bank and the African Development Bank which extend loan facilities to member states to undertake major infrastructural projects.

International Platform
The Union has created an avenue for Ghana to air her views on international issues. During the annual summits of the African Union, opportunities are given to Heads of Member countries to address it. It is during the giving of these addresses that the Head of State of a member state gets the opportunity to express the views of his government on a particular African or global issue.

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Through Ghana's activities in the African Union, she becomes a recognized voice among the nations of the world at large and Africa in particular.

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Access to bigger markets
The combined population of the member states of the African Union is a huge market into which Ghana can export her products and services. One can therefore argue that the African Union offers Ghana a bigger market stage than she would otherwise have had access to.

Common foreign policy
Ghana's membership of the African Union has helped her to speak the same language Africa speaks on issues of concern to the African nations. Ghana has ceased to be a stand-alone country struggling to survive against the rest of the world. Ghana is able to adopt a common foreign policy with the rest of Africa.

Closer ties with Africa
Ghana’s membership of the African Union has helped to cement her relationship with the other member states of the Union.


1. What five benefits does Ghana hope to receive from her membership of the African Union?

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