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How to improve Ghana's Human Resource

Retool Formal Education
One of the ways to improve Ghana's human resource is to overhaul the educational system. Ghana produces human resources that are more inclined toward the humanities to the detriment of skills and technology. The result is that most graduates are not suited to be employed by captains of industry. Ghana should rather produce more people with relevant technical skills. 

Another method to improve Ghana's human resource is to train and retrain workers. Training will definitely horn their skills and enable them to be more productive. It is incumbent on the government to encourage training institutions in the country by helping them to acquire more equipment. 

Improving health
A sick person is not a productive person. One of the ways of improving Ghana's human resources is to ensure that people are healthy. The government must strengthen the National Health Insurance Scheme to provide health services to the broad mass of people to keep them healthy. 

Improved Nutrition
A nourished workforce is a necessity for Ghana. Where the workforce is malnourished, it cannot produce at optimum capacity. One of the ways of improving on Ghana's human resource is to ensure that the entire population is well nourished.

Development of science and technology
Technology has contributed tremendously to the development of the industrial countries of the world. No country can advance without technology. Ghana must, therefore, adapt technology that is relevant to the needs of the nation and encourage technical people to invent simple implements for the benefit of the nation. 

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