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How to prevent conflicts

Ensuring accountability
As the media criticizes and exposes Government's actions, they are forced to render accounts to the people. Other means by which governments are made accountable to the people is through periodic elections at both local and national levels.

Tolerating competing political and religious views must be promoted.  
This can be achieved through discussions over the media and through other means of communicating with the masses.

The use of dialogue
Another very good way of preventing conflict is the use of dialogue. It is important that encouragement should be given to the people to use dialogue in the settlement of disputes. This has the added advantage of eliminating the acrimony and loss of friendship that is sometimes associated with the use of the traditional courts.

Abiding by the laws of the land
The laws of the land are established to ensure peace and harmony. To prevent conflicts, every person must be encouraged to respect the laws of the land. If this is done there would be very few grounds for people to disagree.

Strengthened security
The country’s security system must be strengthened. E.g. The Police must be well equipped to effectively play their role in maintaining law and order.

Equitable distribution of national resources
People agitate when they think they are being denied something that is due them according to the laws of the land. Apart from that some others have a certain sense of entitlement and become frustrated when their expectations are not met. To avoid conflicts emanating from such feeling of neglect, the Government must distribute the resources of the land equitably.

Codification of customary laws
One of the major conflicts that afflict Ghana is chieftaincy conflicts stemming from different claimants to the throne. It is believed that when the laws of the traditional people are written down, it can reduce the rival claims that lead to conflicts.

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