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The importance of traditional marriage in Ghana

A traditional wedding scene
A marriage ceremony is a rite performed to bring man and woman together as husband and wife. In the Ghanaian society, this marriage ceremony does not only involve the two individuals who are in love. It involves the families of both the man and the woman.

Preservation of culture
Marriage ceremonies are mostly conducted based on the blueprint that has been used over the years. Sometimes, there are variations that have found their way into the practice but the mainframe remains. The marriage ceremonies help to preserve the culture of the people.

Transmission of culture
The marriage ceremonies include activities like the consultation of families, presentation of bridewealth by the groom’s family, and the acceptance of the same by the bride’s family. It also involves the presentation of the woman to the family of the groom. These activities are transmitted from generation to generation. Therefore, traditional marriage ceremonies are transmitted across generation.

Honour and respect
The marriage ceremony serves as an honour and dignity to the couple and their families. In the eyes of the people, the couple is responsible. They are ready to take up responsibilities in marriage, this gives them social recognition and dignity in society.

Promotes moral uprightness
It allows for legitimate sex. It is expected of the couple to have sex only with each other and not with any other. This is especially expected of the wife. This is a traditional way of controlling illicit sex and adultery of both the man and woman.

Legitimizes children born to the family
Marriage ceremony legitimizes children that are born into society. Marriage gives the children a sense of belonging to a clan and gives them the right to inherit their parent’s property.

Marriage ceremonies give a legitimate means by which people get companionship. It also helps to provide moral and financial support to the couple. The individual gets the opportunity to legitimately have sex with the opposite sex. The couple shares both moments of sorrow and joy together.

Marriage is not only between the couple but rather between the two families. The ceremony together unites the families of the couple. They share every moment of joy and get to know each other. In recent times, there are marriages across tribes and regions so the ceremony brings tribes and ethnic groups together and promotes peace and unity between the two tribes which inures to the nation at large.

1. a. What is marriage?
    b. In which five ways is marriage significant in Ghanaian society?

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