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Amos prophesies to Israel

In his prophecies, Amos described the wives of the oppressors as "cows of Bashan in the mountains of Samaria" who encourage their husbands to bring more booty home for them to enjoy. He prophesied that they would be taken away into exile by hooks.

Amos ironically encouraged Israel to go to Bethel and sin, and go to Gilgal and increase their sins. Offer sacrifices; pay their tithe and free will offering.

Amos explained that even though God had visited them with all kinds of punishments, they refused to come back to him. 

He said, for example, that God gave cleanness of teeth in their cities and lack of bread in their land but they did not return to him.

He said God withheld the rains from their crops three months before the harvest. He allowed rain to fall in one city leaving the other. He made one city to chase water to another city but never finding enough to satisfy them but they never returned to him.

God allowed blight and mildew to destroy their gardens and vineyards. He allowed locust to devour their fig trees and vineyards but they did not return to him.

He visited them with pestilence similar to those he had sent to the Egyptian. He made their men die by the sword and the carcass to fill their nostrils but they never returned to him. He destroyed some of them like he did to Sodom and Gomorrah. He plucked them like firebrands from fire but they never returned.

Amos declared to them that God would punish them for their transgressions and edged them to prepare to meet the Lord.

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