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The functions of the Queen Mother in the Akan traditional pre-colonial society

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Nominate successor
The Queen Mother was the one who nominated a successor to the chief when the royal stool becomes vacant. Though her nomination was a crucial element, the Council of Elders needed to approve her nomination before the candidate so nominated could be installed as a chief. 

Settlement of disputes
Another function of the Queen Mother was to settle disputes among individuals. Whenever there was a dispute between two people and the case fell under her purview, she had the power to adjudicate. She also had her own court settled cases mostly related to divorce.

Paramount Chief
In the event that the royal house was unable to produce a male candidate to sit on the throne when it becomes vacant, the Queen Mother could act as the Paramount Chief. One of her duties was, therefore, to act as the Paramount Chief but under special circumstances.

She was the repository of the knowledge of the history of the royal household so she was tasked with the duty of educating the chief in the customs and history of the royal house. 

The Queen Mother served as a consultant to the king and the Council of Elders on important matters of state. So for example, where the matter was proving difficult to solve, the Queen Mother was consulted for the needed input.

Mobilization of women
The Queen Mother was in charge of the women in the chiefdom. She was responsible for the mobilization of the women folk for communal labour. She could sanction any woman who refused to comply with her instruction.

1. Highlight six functions of the Queen Mother under the Akan pre-colonial system of government.
2. a. Describe the position of the Queen Mother in the pre-colonial era.
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