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The functions and powers of the Commission of the African Union

The Executive Commission is one of the principal organs of the African Union (AU). It is the secretariat of the Union.

The commission is made up of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Eight commissioners. The members of the Commission are to be assisted by the necessary staff for the smooth running of the Commission. The Commission’s Chairman, Deputy/Deputies and Commissioners are all appointed by the Assembly of the Union.

Implementation of decisions
One of the functions of the Commission is to implement the decisions of the Union.

Another function of the Commission is its responsibility for the coordination of AU activities and meetings.

Application for Membership
The Commission receives applications for membership of the AU. The Chairman of the Commission, who receives an application for membership, transmits copies to all Member States. If a simple majority of the 53 member states of the Union approve of the application, the Chairman of the Commission informs the state concerned.

Projects and Programmes
It is also the function of the Commission to prepare projects and programmes of the Union.

Mobilization of Funds
Another function of the Commission is that it mobilizes financial resources for the Union.

Annual Report
It is the function of the Commission to prepare an annual report on the activities of the Union and to submit this report to the Assembly of Heads of state and Governments, the Executive Council and the Pan-African Parliament.

Archival functions
The Commission is responsible for keeping custody of all the important documents of the AU - documents such as the Constitutive Act of the Union, the many protocols of the Union, relevant documents inherited from the O.A.U, AU treaties, all other legal documents of the AU, etc.

Assistance to the Member States
The Commission may assist the Member States of the Union to implement programmes that are endorsed by the Union e.g. The Union’s socio-economic development programmes such as the NEPAD.

Additional Responsibility
The Commission may carry out any additional responsibilities delegated to it by the Assembly or the Executive Council.

Keeping Documents
The Commission It keeps in custody the documents and files of the meetings of the various organs of the Union.

Setting up Funds
Through the Chairperson, the Commission may set up fiduciary funds, reserve funds and special funds with the approval of, and may accept on behalf of the Union gifts, bequests which are in keeping with the Union’s aims and purposes.

The Commission is to collaborate with the United Nations, its agencies, or other relevant international organizations, NGOs, etc to facilitate the effective functioning of the AU’s Early Warning System.

The Commission is to, in consultation with the UN Secretariat; assist in the coordination of external initiatives in support of the African Standby Force, capacity building in training, logistics, equipment, communications and funding.

1.  Write an essay of any of the following
     a. The Assembly
     b. The Executive Council
     c. The Commission of the African Union

2. a. Describe the composition of the Commission of the African Union
   b. What five functions are performed by the Commission?
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