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The advantages of Local Government Authorities


A Local Government is a local political unit of the state which is established by law with the powers to administer the local areas on behalf of the central government.

Opportunity to participate in decision-making
The activities of Local Authorities at the local level is just a depiction of the government at the central government level. It is true that not all local people can participate in the activities of the central government. However, the opportunity is given to the locals, to be part of the decision-making of the Local Authority.

Brings the government closer to the people
Local Authorities are a representative of the central government at the local level so it is argued that it brings government closer to the people. Many of the services that can be provided by the central government are also be provided by the Local Authorities. So Local Authorities bring government closer to the people.

Training ground for national leadership
Participation in local government activities prepares budding politicians for future leadership positions. Local politicians learn the rope as they participate in local politics. A former presidential candidate of the Convention People's Party, for example, Dr. Kwesi Nduom was once an Assembly member at the local government level before becoming a parliamentarian. So training is received when they partake in local government.

Political Education
Local government activities promote political education. This is because local politics encourages local discussion of both local and national issues, practices and policies so as these things are going on, the local people consciously or unconsciously imbibe political education.

Reducing the workload of the central government
The fact that local governments take care of the affairs of the people at the local level means that they take away some of the work reserved for the national government. This lessens the workload on the shoulders of the central government.

Source of employment
Some or most of the workers at the Local Authority level are those living in the locality. They are employed as professionals and as casual workers. This serves as a source of livelihood for them. Therefore, the Local Authority serves as a source of employment for the people.

Room for quick decision-making
Local Authorities allow for quick decisions to be taken. In other words, they do not have to consult the central government on certain local issues before they find solutions to them.

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