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Ghana's contribution to the African Union

Financial contribution
Ghana has been a regular contributor to the financial needs of the African Union. Every member state, Ghana inclusive, is enjoined to pay annual dues to the union since the dues help in financing the administrative arm of the union. Apart from the dues, member states may also be called upon to make other financial commitments.

Peace-keeping efforts
Another contribution Ghana has made and continued to make to the African Union is her contribution of soldiers to take part in peace-keeping Missions on the continent.  Some of the places where Ghana has sent her soldiers include Darfur and Somalia to help restore order. This has helped to bring peace to an otherwise bad situation.

Regularly attended summits of African Union
Another way Ghana has contributed to the African Union that it has been present at every summit that was organized by the organization. Ghana has been at the forefront of the making of critical decisions on Africa.

Taking care of refugees
Ghana has accepted refugees from other countries that suffered from instability and chaos. Many years ago, many Togolese citizens rushed to Ghana to seek refuge from political persecution. Ghana has also taken refugees from the war in Liberia and Sierra Leone. These refugees have either returned to their countries of origin after peace was restored or have decided to remain in their countries of adoption.

Human resource
There many Ghanaians who have been employed by the organization based on their qualification to work in their area of competence. In other words, Ghana's human resource has been instrumental in the administration of the African Union.

Hosting AU Conferences
Another contribution of Ghana was the hosting of the 2007 summit of the African Union. Ghana successfully organized a summit of Heads of State and Government in 2007.

Founding Fathers
Another contribution of Ghana was that she appended her signature to the document establishing the African Union. This singular act makes Ghana one of the founding members of the African Union.

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