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The advantages of a Confederal system of Government

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A confederation can be described as a group of independent states that come together in the form of a flexible federation where more power is retained by the regional units than the central government.

In 1981, Gambia and Senegal came together to form the Senegambian Confederation which, later collapsed in 1989.

Minimizing political conflicts
One of the major advantages of the practice of a confederacy is the misunderstanding between the central government and the component units. This results from the fact that each of the regional units is allowed to follow their separate developmental agenda as dictated by the conditions prevailing in their backyard.

Healthy competition
Another advantage of a confederacy it the way it engenders healthy competition among the component units. Each unit tries to harness the resources of the locality for their development. The result of this healthy rivalry is that the confederacy benefits in terms of both physical and non-physical development.

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Able to unify diverse people
The countries that make up a confederacy could be of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, but the advantage of the Confederacy is its ability to cement that diversity and hold them together as one people with a common destiny.

Preservation of distinct cultural identities
Even while uniting the component units in their diversity, a confederal system of government is also able to ensure that the units hold on to their unique identities and interests. These unique identities could be cultural, religious or political,  things they may not be willing to relinquish.

Agreement over common issues is easier
In a confederacy, the component regions are independent states on their own before joining the union. For this reason, it is easier for the various units to agree over matters of common concern to them.

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Eliminates the risk of domination
Another advantage of a confederacy is the fact that as the units are responsible for local governance, and therefore, implement programmes to suit them, the risk associated with turning themselves over to be dominated by the central government is drastically reduced.

Addresses the direct needs of the people
As the regional units are allowed to implement their own local programmes, there is a high tendency that they will concentrate more on the needs of their people than casting their efforts wider and achieving little in comparison.

1. a. What is a confederal system of government?
    b. Highlight five advantages of a confederal system of government.
2. Highlight six advantages of a confederal system of government.

The features of a confederal system of government
The disadvantages of a confederal system of government

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