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Why Ghana adopted the Unitary system of Government

At the thresh hold of independence, in 1957, Ghana had reached a cross-road. While the National Liberation Movement (N.L.M.) were promoting a federal system of government, the Convention People’s Party (C.P.P.) were in favour of a unitary form of government. Eventually, Ghana chose the unitary system of government.

The Recommendation of the Bourne Commission
The Frederick Bourne Commission was appointed to among other things determine whether Ghana should adopt a unitary or federal system of government. The Commission recommended that Ghana should adopt a unitary system of government instead of a federal system.

The small size and population of the country
One of the factors that necessitate the choice of a unitary system of government is the smallness of the country. As a fact, Ghana is a geographically and demographically a small country. At the time of independence, Ghana's population was very small and therefore the choice of a federal system was not advisable. It made more sense for the country to adopt a unitary system.

Absence of marked differences
There were no sharp differences between the various ethnic groups in Ghana, especially, in terms of language, religion, and culture. The people were highly integrated, socially. The major religious groups in the country, like the Christians, Muslims, and the traditionalists lived together in relative peace. So the obvious choice was a unitary system of government.

Popular Approval
In the last election before independence, one of the campaign messages of the C.P.P. was the adoption of a unitary system of government. By winning that election, therefore, showed that the people supported the adoption of a unitary system of government.

Fear of the collapse of the nation
In the lead up to the attainment of independence, there were violent clashes between the supporters of the National Liberation Movement and the Convention People's Party. It was feared that if the federal system was adopted, it would have created chaos with the National Liberation Movement taking control of their strongholds, such as the Ashanti and Eastern regions.

Inadequate resources
One of the requirements for adoption is the abundance of resources. However, Ghana’s resources were not adequate enough at the time of independence to implement a federal system of government. Looking at the meager resources of Ghana at independence, the choice was made to choose a unitary system of government.

1. a. What is a unitary system of government?
    b. Give five reasons why Ghana adopt the unitary system of government at independence?
2. Highlight six reasons why Ghana adopted the unitary system of government at independence.

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