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The importance of adolescent chastity

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Adolescent chastity can be defined as the absolute abstinence from sex and anything related to sex, such as, kissing, touching, fondling, etc. In other words, the person refuses to have sex with anybody. He or she maintains his/her virginity until marriage.  

It is important for young people to maintain adolescent chastity. This is because it brings honour to them, their parents and their entire family. In the case of the girl especially, she is seen as a virtuous woman and is highly regarded by society.

Prevents STDs
Adolescent chastity ensures that the young person in question is saved the problems associated with sexually transmitted diseases. This is because any sexual activity that does not include protection may lead to sexually transmitted disease. As long as the girl or boy avoids sexual activities, he/she is highly unlikely to contract any sexually transmitted disease.

Prevents unwanted pregnancies
Absolute abstinence from sexual activities ensures that there are no unwanted pregnancies. This is because it is only sexual activity that can result in natural conception. Once it does not happen, the girl can never be pregnant.

Delays childbearing
In developing countries for example, there all kinds of dangers associated with childbirth, because of inadequate health facilities and a not-too-impressive doctor-to-patient and nurse-to-patience ratios. Therefore, apart from preventing the onset of early pregnancies and child birth, it also reduces the dangers associated with childbearing.

Social stigma
There is a stigma associated with girls who are promiscuous. They are tagged with all kinds of names. So when young people especially avoid early sex, they also avoid the social stigma that is associated with early sexual activities. 

Prevents a break in education
For a girl, when she avoids sexual activities and remains chaste, she is able to continue her education to the highest level as long as she has sponsorship. This increases opportunities for better jobs and careers. Getting pregnant means delay in education.

1. a. What is adolescent chastity?
    b. In which five ways is adolescent chastity important in society?
2. Highlight six ways in which adolescent chastity is important in your country.
3. a. What is adolescent chastity?
    b. Suggest four advantages of adolescent chastity. 

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