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The features of the Crown Colony system of administration

The Crown Colony System of Administration can be described as the system of administration that was adopted by the British in the administration of their overseas territories.

The Monarch
At the top of the structure was the king or queen, referred to as the Monarch. He or she was the head of all the British colonies and the head of state of the United Kingdom.

Secretary of State for the colonies
Right below the Monarch was the Secretary of State for the colonies. He was based in London and was the head of the colonial office. He was also a cabinet Minister. The governors of the various colonies were appointed based on his recommendations and he supervised and coordinated their activities.

The Governor was directly below the Secretary of State. He was based in the colony and was, therefore, the representative of the British crown in the colonies. He was appointed by the British government based on the recommendations of the Secretary of State for the colonies and he was responsible for the day to day administration of the colony.

Executive Council
The Governor was assisted by an Executive Council. The Executive Council was made up of the heads of important government departments such as the Attorney General, the Financial Secretary, Director of Medical Services, the Colonial Secretary and the Officer Commanding the local troops. The Executive Council advised the Governor on the formulation of policies. It also helped him in the administration of the colonies.

Regional Commissioner
Each colony was subdivided into regions with each region headed by a Regional Commissioner. 

Provincial Commissioners
The regions were further subdivided into provinces and each province was headed by a Provincial Commissioner.

District Commissioners
The provinces were again divided into districts, headed by District Commissioners. These District Commissioners implemented official policies at the local level with the help of the local chiefs.

At the bottom was the African chiefs who were constituted into a Native Authority. They dealt with local issues such as the settling of disputes and the administration of justice.

1. a. Describe in detail, the Crown Colony System of administration.

2. How did the British administer their colonies after they acquired them?

3. Highlight the main features of the Crown Colony System of administration.tion. 
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