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The disadvantages of a Unitary system of Government

A unitary system of government can be defined as that system of government in which the powers of government are concentrated in a central government and that there are no other levels of government except it derived from the centre. 

Dictatorial tendency
One of the disadvantages of a unitary system of government is the tendency to become dictatorial. This is so because, under the system, all powers are concentrated in the hands of one central authority so there is the tendency to become dictatorial. 

The burden of work on central government
Another disadvantage of a unitary system of government is that because all the powers are concentrated at the centre, the burden of work becomes too heavy.

No room for experimentation
Another disadvantage of the unitary system is that there is no room for experiment. When the central government rolls out policies, unless otherwise stated, they are implemented nationwide. There is, therefore, no room to experiment and see the pitfalls and loopholes for correction before it is rolled out on a national scale.

Uneven distribution of national cage
Under some circumstances, the distribution of national resources is not as even as professed. Some parts of unitary states are neglected in the allocation of national resources. This leads to the uneven development of the country.

Neglect of minority interests
Another disadvantage of a unitary system of government is that some minority interests could be neglected.  This may occur when there is nobody to directly lobby for development in their area.

Crushes local initiatives
In a unitary state, many of the citizens wait for the central government to initiate every policy and also, implement them. They are not used to starting anything on their own. The disadvantage is that the locals do not take any initiatives on their own.

1. a. What is a unitary system of government?
    b. Highlight five disadvantages of a unitary system of government.
2. Give six reasons why some countries do not operate a unitary system of government.

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