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Ghana's contribution toward the activities of ECOWAS

Financial Contribution
All member-states are obliged to pay annual subscriptions to the ECOWAS to make its administration run smoothly. As a member, Ghana makes her regular annual financial contributions to the organization in the form of dues and other financial obligations.

Contribution of Troops
Ghana has contributed to the ECOWAS project by sending troops to assist in peace-keeping missions in the sub-regions. For example, Ghana contributed troops to the operations of the ECOWAS Monitoring Group in the 1990s to restore and maintain peace in Liberia and later in Sierra Leone. 

Provision of chair of ECOWAS
Ghana on many occasions provided chairmen for ECOWAS. Three former Presidents of Ghana have ever been chairmen of ECOWAS. They were former presidents Jerry John Rawlings, John Agyekum Kuffour and Atta Mills of blessed memory. As chairmen of ECOWAS, these three former presidents of Ghana provide a sterling leadership for the community.

Joint Projects
Over the years, Ghana has entered into joint-venture projects with other member-states. Ghana has joined forces with Cote D'ivoire to inter-connect their power supply lines. This is to ensure that when there is any shortage of electricity in either country, that country can receive supply from the other. Ghana also collaborated with Nigeria through Benin and Togo to complete a pipeline to transport gas from Nigeria to power Ghana for the production of electricity.Another project is the Abidjan Lagos high way

Contribution of Human Resource
Many Ghanaians have found employment with the ECOWAS Commission headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria. Apart from that, some prominent Ghanaians have held very crucial positions in the community. For example, Dr. James Nti, was once a Deputy Executive Secretary of ECOWAS. Again Mr. S.K. Apea, was a former head of the ECOWAS Fund. Many other Ghanaians have been employed at various level within the ECOWAS Commission.

Attendance and Hosting of Summits
One other contribution Ghana makes to the ECOWAS is its regular attendance of summit meetings. At such summits, Ghana has always contributed her quota to the discussion of the issues at the summit. Apart from attending summits hosted by other nations, Ghana has also hosted summits some summits of the Economic Community of West African States.

Founding fathers
Ghana was at the very first meeting where the treaty of ECOWAS was signed by the 15 initial member states. Ghana can therefore be described as a foundation member of the community.

Support refugees and displaced people
Anytime there is a civil strife or military instability in the neighbouring countries, Ghana has always contributed to the resultant refugee crisis. During the civil strife that erupted in La Cote D'voire after disputes over elections results, some of the Ivorians fled to Ghana for safety and Ghana catered for them. Also refugees from Liberia settled in Ghana for so many years of armed combat until normalcy returned there for them to go back.

1. Discuss six ways in which Ghana has contributed to the activities of the Economic Community of West African States.
2. Highlight six contributions of Ghana toward the growth of the Economic Community of West African States.

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