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The functions of a modern government

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Makes laws
It is the duty of the government to make laws to regulate the behaviour of people in the country. These laws are made by the legislature, one of the three arms of government.

Formulate and Implements policies
Another function of the government is to formulate policies and implement them for the general development of the state. This function is performed by the executive arm of government headed by the head of government.

Administration of Justice
The function of the government is to ensure that justice is dispensed in the country. This function is performed by the third arm of government, which is the Judiciary. The judiciary is made up of a hierarchy of courts. 
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Protection of Citizens
A government functions in such a way that it ensures the protection of its citizens. The citizen’s right to life, for example, is the responsibility of the government. This responsibility is carried out on behalf of the government by the combined effort of two arms of government, the Judiciary and the Executive. These two arms of government are represented by the court system and police.

Provision of Social Amenities
The government provides social amenities such as schools, hospitals, roads, potable water, electricity, public toilet facilities, recreational facilities, housing, etc. This function is carried out by government agencies but in recent times, some governments create the enabling environment for some individuals to provide these amenities for profit.

Conduct of External Relations
A country cannot live in isolation. For this reason, governments establish external relationships with other countries to inure to the mutual benefit of all. This relationship promotes international peace. This function is dedicated to the ministries of Foreign Affairs of the countries involved.

1. a. Explain government as an institution of state.
    b. What five functions does a government as an institution state perform?
2. Highlight six functions of government as an institution of the state.
3. Outline six basic functions performed by modern governments.
4. a. Outline three functions of government.
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