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Peter's defense of his role in the conversion of Cornelius

After the conversion of Cornelius, the brethren in Judea learned that the Gentiles have also received the word of God through Peter.

When Peter returned to Jerusalem, they accused Peter of fraternizing with uncircumcised Gentiles in Caesarea. 

Peter explained that he was in a trance in Joppa. Then he saw different types of animals dropped down before him in a sheet and being asked to kill and eat. Peter said he refused to kill and eat because he said no such unclean animals had ever entered his mouth. Then a voice told him that what God has cleansed, no one should call unclean. This thing happened on three occasions before he came out of the trance.

According to Peter, at this time, three men from Caesarea also arrived in the house where he was staying telling him that Cornelius had sent them to come and call him to come. Peter said the spirit told him to follow them and not to make a distinction and he did so he did.

According to Peter, when they arrived, Cornelius explained the vision he had had and how he was asked to send people to Joppa to call Peter. After this, Peter also spoke. He told the people gathered that God was no respecter of persons but that He accepts all peoples from every nation who accept him.

After Peter’s address, the Holy Spirit fell on Cornelius and his household and they spoke in tongues. After this, the people were baptized.

After Peter’s defense, the Council members were silenced. They praised God for giving salvation to the Gentiles also.

At the Council of Jerusalem, it was concluded that
1. The Gentiles should not be heavily yoked.
2. The question of the circumcision of the Gentiles was settled once and for all.
3. The Council passed a resolution to end all discussions about the state of the Gentiles in the Christian fraternity.

1. a. Narrate Peter’s defense of his role in the conversion of Cornelius.
    b. What use did he make of this incident during the Council of Jerusalem?

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