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Peter's teaching on Christians living among non-Christians

Apostle, Bible, Rome

Peter advised the Christians living among non-Christians to abstain from fleshy lust since it battles against the soul.

He told them to engage in honest conversation among the Gentiles so that even if they speak against them, their good works would force the Gentiles to glorify God.

Peter told them to subject themselves to every human institution whether it is the Emperor himself or the Governors that have been sent to reward those who do good and punish those who do wrong. According to Peter, if they do this, they will put to silence the ignorance of foolish men.

He advised them to live as free men but should not use their freedom as a pretext to engage in evil. They should live as servants of God. They should honour all men, love the brotherhood, fear God and honour the emperor.

Peter explained that they would receive no glory if they are punished for doing the wrong thing, but if they are punished for doing the right thing and they endure, it is acceptable before God.

Peter concluded that Christ himself suffered the same fate. According to Peter, Jesus was reviled but he did not reply. Therefore, people must copy Christ’s example.

1. Teaming up with non-Christians to develop the community.
2. Contributing to the meeting the needs of non-Christians.
3. Take part in social activities with non-Christians.
4. As much as possible, tolerate the activities of non-Christians.
5. Attending programmes organized by non-Christians.
6. Christians being tolerant of other religions.
7. Christians must be well informed about other religions.

1. a. Highlight Peter’s teachings on how Christians should live among non-Christians.
    b. In which three ways would you promote good relations between Christians and non-Christians?

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