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Moses returns to Egypt

Sinai, Saint Catherine, Mountain, Egypt

At the time Moses got to Egypt, the spirit of God had also led Aaron into the wilderness where the two men met. Moses told Aaron about the revelations he had received from God and His call to return to Egypt and lead the Israelites out of bondage.

When the two men got into the city, they called all the elders together and Aaron told them the message from God, through Moses and also performed all the signs. The elders believed.

Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and told him what the Lord had told them to say. They told Pharaoh that God wanted the Israelites to hold a three days’ feast for the Lord in the desert. Pharaoh said, “Who is the Lord that I might listen to him?”
Instead of Pharaoh listening to the voice of Moses and Aaron, he rather became very enraged. He, therefore, instructed the taskmasters to increase the burdens of the Hebrews. For example, instead of the Hebrews being given straw to make bricks as before, the Hebrew men were asked to fetch their own straw to make the bricks. Even then, the number of bricks to make a day was not reduced. Whenever they failed to meet the daily quota, the Hebrew foremen were greatly punished.

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The Hebrew foremen went to complain to Pharaoh that they were not given straw but they were being asked to produce bricks. They complained that they were being beaten for the slightest reason. Pharaoh replied that they were lazy that is why they were asking for three days to go into the wilderness to pray so they should go back to work.

At this point, the Hebrew foremen realized that Moses must have gone to Pharaoh to make the request. They cursed Moses and Aaron for making their difficult tasks even worse. Moses became disheartened that per the request he had made to Pharaoh, the plight of the people had become even worse.

Moses went back to God to ask why God had sent him to Pharaoh. Moses noted to God that since he had gone to Pharaoh, the burdens of the people had been increased. God further commanded Moses to tell Pharaoh to release the people, but Moses said his lips were not circumcised so he could not go to Pharaoh to deliver the message.

1. What circumstances led to the return of Moses to Egypt?
2. How did God call Moses?
3. Describe the events of the burning bush when Moses was working for Jethro.
4. Narrate the experience of Moses near Mount Horeb when he went to feed his father-in-law's flock.
5. How did God reveal Himself to Moses in the land of the Midianites?

Test One
1. Moses was keeping the flock of his father-in-law on Mount
A. Gilboa.
B. Horeb.
C. Nebo.
D. Carmel.

2. The Hebrew midwives refused to kill male children because
A. the Hebrew women prevented them from doing so.
B. they feared God.
C. they were of the same blood with the Hebrew women.
D. they had pity on them.

3. “Who made you a prince and a judge over us?” This statement by the two Hebrews to Moses signifies the
A. recognition of Moses’ divine authority by the Hebrews.
B. recognition of Pharaoh’s authority by the Hebrews.
C. rejection of Moses’ leadership by his people.
D. rejection of Moses’ as an Egyptian.

Sinai, Camel, Mountain Mose, Egypt
4. When Pharaoh’s daughter saw Moses in the basket she immediately
A. sent for a nurse for him.
B. called him Moses.
C. had pity on him.
D. called her maids.

5. Which of the following officials were charged by Pharaoh to kill the Hebrew male children?
A. Egyptian physicians.
B. Egyptian taskmasters.
C. Hebrew midwives.
D. Hebrew physicians.

6. Moses run away from Egypt because he
A. did not want to be brought up in Egyptian circles.
B. could no longer the famine in the land.
C. heard a divine call.
D. feared that the news of his act of murder would reach the king

7. Aaron accompanied Moses to Pharaoh because
A. Aaron was a Levite.
B. Aaron was bolder than Moses.
C. Moses was deficient in speech.
D. Moses wanted Aaron to be his witness before Pharaoh.

8. Moses experienced the burning bush that was not consumed at
A. Horeb.
B. Bethel.
C. Nebo.
D. Meriba.

9. When Moses brought the people of Israel out to meet God on Mount Sinai, the Mount was wrapped in smoke because
A. God kindled a fire on it.
B. the Israelites set up fire round about the Mount.
C. the Lord descended upon it with fire.
D. there was an earthquake on the Mount.

10. Who among the following did God direct Moses to appoint as his successor?
A. Caleb.
B. Aaron.
C. Eleazar.
D. Joshua.

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