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How David was introduced into the house of Saul for the first time

As a consequence of Saul’s disobedience of the Lord, the spirit of God departed from Saul and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him.

Saul’s servants suggested that he should command his servants to look for a young man, skillful in playing the lyre so that anytime the evil spirit attacks him; the young man would play the lyre for him to get better.

When Saul gave the go-ahead, one of his servants suggested that there was a son of Jesse who was skillful in playing the lyre. He said that the son of Jesse was a man of valour, a man of war, a man of good speech, a man of good behavior and the spirit of God was with him. Saul sent a message to Jesse to send his son, who was with the sheep to him.

Jesse accepted and sent his son, who was with the sheep, called David, to Saul. Jesse sent bread, a skin of wine, and a little animal to Saul, through David. This was how David entered into the service of Saul. David became Saul’s darling boy and Saul made him his armour-bearer. Saul later sent a message to Jesse to let the kid remain with him. From then on, anytime the evil spirit came upon Saul, David played the lyre and Saul was refreshed.

1. How was David introduced to Saul for the first time?
2. What circumstances led to the first encounter between David and Saul?
3. How did David come to live in Saul’s palace?
4. How did David become Saul’s armour-bearer?
5. Narrate the story leading to Jesse sending his son David to live with Saul.

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