Virtual Kollage: Peter's arrest by Herod

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Peter's arrest by Herod


In those days, Herod the king persecuted some of the Apostles. He killed, for example, James the brother of John. When he saw that the people were happy about what he had done, he arrested Peter also. This took place during the time of unleavened bread.

Herod put Peter in prison and he was guarded by four soldiers. He planned to kill Peter after the Easter. The Church prayed for Peter that he might be delivered.

The night before Herod intended to bring Peter out to be killed an angel of the Lord went to deliver Peter. Peter was sleeping in-between two soldiers with his wrists chained to the two soldiers’ wrist. There were also guards outside the door to ensure Peter did not exit.

The angel went into Peter’s cell and touched Peter by the side. The angel told him to stand up and when he did, the chains fell off. The angel told Peter to put on his sandals, he also told him wrap his cloth around him. He told Peter to follow him and Peter did.

Peter and the angel passed the first gate and then they passed the second. When they came to the main gate, the gate opened of its own accord. They walked out of prison. The angel left him and Peter realized that he was not having a vision. It was real.

Peter went straight to the house of Mary the mother of John. He knocked on the door and a house maid called Rhoda came to the door. When she recognized Peter’s voice, she did not open the door but went away to tell the members of the apostles that Peter was at the door. In disbelief, they said she was mad. They said it was Peter’s angel that she had seen.

Peter continued to knock the door and finally, they opened the door. When Peter entered, he motioned to them in sign language to be quiet. He described what had happened and how he was rescued from the prison. He told them to inform James and the other brothers. Then Peter left for an undisclosed location.
When it was realized the next day that Peter had escaped, a big stir was generated. Herod examined all the guards who were at post and after finding them culpable, he executed them for dereliction of duty.

1. Herod died instantly and was eaten up by worms.
2. After the death of Herod, the church grew even further and spread even more.
3. The fear that came over the church as a result of its persecution was removed.
4. After the death of Herod, there was relative peace.

1. a. Explain how Herod opposed the early Church.
    b. Identify two consequences of his action.
2. a. Narrate the story of the how Peter escaped from Prison when he was arrested by Herod.
    b. In which three ways did this story affect the development of the early Church?

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