Virtual Kollage: OLA Girls cut Accra Aca to size to win National Inter SHS Debate

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OLA Girls cut Accra Aca to size to win National Inter SHS Debate

Ghana - Ola Girls Senior High School put up a spirited performance against their fellow contenders from Accra Academy Senior High School, to win the 21st edition of the National Inter Senior High School Debate competition.
This year’s competition which took place at the Accra Girls Senior High School was sponsored by Mc Dan Group of Companies. It was under the theme "Attitude will put Ghana beyond aid."
After the ballot, Ola girls emerged proponents of the theme for the debate with Accra Academy left with no choice than to argue against the motion.
Agbeko Agnes, Djambiel Evelyn and Priscilla Asiedua were the debaters for Ola Girls Senior High School, Kenyasi in the Brong Ahafo Region representing the northern zone.
Emmanuel Neequaye, Benjamin Ofosu Bekoe and Grandson Ntekim contested for Accra Academy Senior High School and represented the southern zone.
The Principal speaker for Ola Girls Senior High School was the first to mount the stage to argue for the motion. Confident, vociferous, stunning and articulate, Agnes Agbeko argued that if Ghana purges itself of corruption, the country will be able to mobilize enough revenue for its development without foreign aid. She further contended that the reliance on foreign aid makes Ghanaian leaders lazy and un-innovative in utilizing the country’s abundant natural resources more judiciously for the benefit of its citizens.
Agnes Abeko also advocated strong institutions and the enforcement of the rule of law as some measures that will move Ghana beyond aid. She concluded by saying that foreign aid is not the panacea to the myriad of problems confronting the nation. Instead, a commitment and the willpower to do that which is right is the only way to move Ghana beyond aid, a view largely corroborated by her supporting speakers Djambiel Evelyn and Priscilla Asiedua.
In spite of the cheers that characterized the presentation of Ola Girls SHS, the young lads from Accra Academy Senior High School refused to be a walkover.
Calm, confident, straightforward, expressive and stately, Emmanuel Neequaye, the principal speaker of Accra Academy disputed the argument of their opponents. On his part, moving Ghana beyond aid is not about attitude but good governance, rule of law and creating the enabling environment for businesses to thrive as well as building the human resource capacity of the country is the way to go. According to him, Ghana and Malaysia had independence same year but Malaysia is way ahead in terms of development than Ghana. He also argued for the efficient use of Ghana's natural resources to foster development.
Again, he explained that the same palm oil we undervalue in Ghana is what Malaysia has leveraged on for its development. In Emmanuel Neequaye's view, Ghana at some point in history was the leading producer of cocoa in Africa with unrivalled infrastructural development. However, all of these feats have seen a substantial decline due to the lack of good governance. He summed up by saying modernizing agriculture and holding errant leaders accountable is what will put Ghana beyond aid. A view of his supporting speakers, Benjamin Ofosu Bekoe and Grandson Ntekim took turns to buttress.
In the end, Dr Doris Yaa Yartey, a member of the National Media Commision and her team of judges: Dr Evans Aggrey Darko and Dr Samuel Kofi Badu-Nyarko both lecturers of the University of Ghana, declared Ola Girls winners of the competition.
It was a marginal victory for the northern zone with Ola Girls SHS scoring 80% and Accra Academy losing by 79.6%.
Ola Girls SHS was awarded 1,600 cedis, a laptop each for the debaters, a certificate and a desktop for the school.
Accra Academy SHS was awarded 1,200 cedis, a laptop for each of the contestants, a certificate and a desktop for the school.
The teachers who groomed the debaters were given 500 cedis each.
All the Awards were fully sponsored by the McDan Group of Companies.

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