Virtual Kollage: James' teaching on impartiality

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James' teaching on impartiality

JAMES' TEACHING ON IMPARTIALITY                                                
         (James 2:1-13)

James advised the people not to show any partially as they spread the word of Jesus Christ.

He said if a man with gold rings, dressed in fine clothing and a poor man, shabbily dressed come into their church, and they pay attention to the rich disregarding the poor, that is discrimination. By doing so, they have become judges with evil thoughts.
James said, God has chosen the poor in the world to be rich in faith and heirs of his kingdom. He reminded them that it is the rich men they honour, who oppress them, drag them to court, and blaspheme the honourable name of God.

He advised them to obey the royal law which says. "Love your neighbour as yourself”. According to him if they honour this law then they would have done well, but if they show partiality, then they have sinned.

James taught that, whoever keeps the whole Law but fails in one is guilty of breaking all the others. To him, if one does not commit adultery but kills, that person has sinned. This is because, the same God who says do not kill is the same God who says do not commit adultary.

He advised the people to speak and act like those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. He said judgement is without mercy to the person who shows no mercy yet he assured them that mercy triumphs over judgement

Leads to inefficiency and mismanagement
Partiality creates conditions in which better qualified persons are denied job opportunities whilst persons who are less qualified are given the jobs.

Poor execution of work
Some contracts are alleged to have been awarded on grounds of partiality. Such jobs are not properly executed and the contract sums are very high because part of the money has been given to the one who awarded the contract.

Breeds bitterness
People who feel they have been denied what is due them may become understandably bitter.

1.         It creates division in the church.
2.         Discrimination creates frustration and discord in the church and society.
3.         Discrimination retards the spiritual growth and the expansion of the church.
4.         Discrimination could lead to break- away of members.
5.         Discrimination can reduce the commitment level of the congregants.
6.         Discrimination creates under utilization of the talents of members.
7.         Discrimination discourages unbelievers from accepting the gospel.

1. a. Examine James teaching on partiality. 
   b. State three problems of partiality on the nation and the church today.
2. a. How did James deal with the problem of partiality in the church?
     b. In what two ways does the church today fall short of the standard which James recommended?
3. a. What did James teach on partiality?
    b. Identify four effects of partiality in the society.

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