Virtual Kollage: Reasons why Solomon's request from God was appropriate

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Reasons why Solomon's request from God was appropriate

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1. Solomon’s request of wisdom from God was very appropriate because with that there was no problem in his government that he could not overcome.

2. Solomon was not David’s eldest son and he knew it. He needed the wisdom to be able to handle any succession disputes that might arise.

3. Solomon was only 12 to 14 years old at the time he was made a king. He was inexperienced. He needed God’s gift of wisdom to sustain him and to help him navigate the intricacies of ruling a nation.

4. Solomon required wisdom to function as an effective king. As an absolute king, his main function was to administer justice. He needed the wisdom to do his work well. Since absolute kings of his days had the tendency to be autocratic, Solomon needed wisdom to avoid dictatorship.

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